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> Glowing Light

Final work for animation 2, depicting a robot stuck in a repetitive, never changing job. This is my longest piece of animation work to this date and the whole process took around two months to plan, make, render, and edit together to make this piece.

THOR Credits

An animation created in the style of some cinematic end credits using After Effects. All assets except for music was created by myself.

Portal Gun

A simple animation of a model made by myself to look as close as possible to the original Portal Gun from the puzzle game Portal. Model was then rigged and animated.

Plantasia Arts

An animation of the Plantasia art logo., created in after effects to be used on many simpler works to be posted, as well as a good practice.

Plantasia Productions

An animation made for my Plantasia Productions logo used for my films and some of my animations.

VC Logo

Tasked with creating a logo for the VC program at Chemeketa, the whole class individually created their own take on the logo. This was my submission for it using Blender to create a 3D design. 


Using my own 3D model of the Pokemon Magnezone, and an HDRI by Greg Zaal on Poly Haven called Shanghai Bund, I created this simple animation using Blender. This model is using a texture file to create the details and colors.

Piranha Plant

Piranha plant was one of the main inspirations for the name Plantasia, and a modified version of it used to be my online avatar image. This animation is made in blender, creating a more toon style model and lighting.

Behind The Screens

Behind The Screens:

Behind The Screens:

Chemeketa students a part of the VC program participate in a portfolio show, and for that show the logo and animation is worked on across multiple departments, Graphic design competed with various logo designs, and the one that was selected as the best was sent to our department to animate. We competed against each other for the best animation of this logo and mine was selected. Two versions exist here on this site, that being the into that plays when introducing the animation, and then the looping animation that plays after

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