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Icarus Dialogue

A dialogue scene taken from a Game Changer episode where Brennan Lee Mulligan goes off the rails angry at a game that was designed for him specifically not to win.


Animated in Autodesk Maya.

Spiked Bat Swing

Sometimes the simplest weapons are the most scary!

Animated in Autodesk Maya

e-102y (Gamma)

A series of animations of the Sonic The Hedgehog character, appearing from an old game with extremely dated animation. These animations are to touch him up a bit.

Model from SAB64

Animated in Blender

Psychic Blade Attack 

An animation of someone using a beam sword with psychic powers. Makes more sense that actually holding the weapon don't you think?

Animated in Autodesk Maya

Axe Strut

An older walk cycle of someone holding an axe

Animated in Autodesk Maya

Sneak Walk

Some one sneaking around hoping to not get spotted by what's just around any corner...

Animated in Autodesk Maya

Grab the Treasure!

A simple pick up animation of someone lifting up a treasure chest. Who knows what loot lies inside!

Animated in Autodesk Maya

Portal Gun

A simple animation of a model made by myself to look as close as possible to the original Portal Gun from the puzzle game Portal.

Animated in Blender

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